18 December 2009

The Photo Album: Volume One.

Weekend buys.

New Ed Hardy tee from Chapel St. I dislike fakes.

Anything sequin and sparkley I like at the moment. I love this sequin wallet I purchased from Sportsgirl only $4.99 bargain, considering Sportsgirls prices ...

BlackBerry Bold.

I finally purchased my BlackBerry. I bought the new BlackBerry Bold 9700 which was released last month. Epic. Easy to get used to .. quite hard to figure out the settings etc though. But so so much more better then my iPhone.

Pretty .. Burberry.

So so happy for my eighteenth birthday, I finally got a Burberry headband, that I had been wanting for quite sometime. I absolutley adore it. :-)

17 December 2009

Alannah Hill Collection.

These are my favourite ones I own ..

09 December 2009


If only it were that easy.

You probably wouldn't understand anyway.